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    An additional service is now being offered to all purchasers of the book, Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Sampling: the opportunity to interact directly with the author via SkypeTeams or Zoom. Individual readers can now access up to two hours of interaction, in which to complete their understanding of the basics of the TOS.

    The author invites you to a one-to-one meeting via the internet. Imagine how much better you will understand the TOS, how you can go deeper into areas that are of particular interest to you. This personal interaction is aimed at answering the questions that were not answered fully by your own reading. The author considers his job done only when you have no key questions left unanswered.

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  • Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Sampling

    This book presents the Theory and Practice of Sampling (TOS) starting from level zero in a novel didactic framework without excessive mathematics and statistics. It represents 20 years of teaching experience which has developed into a unique conceptual framework with which the TOS’ six principles and four unit operations can be understood in a unifying manner, enabling the reader to start sampling in a correct fashion right away. The book covers sampling from stationary lots, from moving, dynamic lots (process sampling) and has a vital focus on sampling in the analytical laboratory. It contains a wealth of complementing cases, examples and references (most of which are accessible on-line) meant to inspire and motivate the reader to individual skills-building and further self-study.

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